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Unwell Child

If you are concerned about your child, we will see them on the same day at the surgery where necessary. However in the event that all our appointments are all taken, details will be requested by the receptionist regarding your childs symptoms and passed to a clinician. The clinician will then decide whether an appointment is necessary for the same day. Medical advice will always be given on the same day regarding the ongoing management of your child.
It is wise to keep a supply of children's Paracetamol, (CalpoI) and/or Children's Nurofen. Infections can cause fever. Most cases are due to viral infection, which usually recover in a few days. Antibiotics will not help viral diseases. Treat children with Paracetamol or Nurofen following the instructions on the bottle. If your child is alert, showing interest and is attentive, you can generally continue to treat them until they recover. If your child is sleepy, not responsive, takes little notice of their surroundings, in pain or continues vomiting, you should call the Surgery ASAP to access an appointment.
Additional measures to cool a child include using a fan, light clothing and sponging with tepid (not cold) water, as well as an adequate fluid intake.


Child Immunisation

Child immunisation sessions are undertaken by our practice nurses every Wednesday between 2 -3pm. Children are invited to attend following the national schedule for childhood immunisation if you have any queries please call the surgery for advice.

MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccination

Protects against these diseases. This practice follows the Government Chief Medical Officer's advice that the MMR vaccine is both safe and effective. We do not advocate single vaccines because they can be unreliable.
For comprehensive, up-to-date and accurate information on vaccines, disease and immunisation in the UK please use the following link: NHS Choices - Immunisation.

Meningitis (in Babies)

If you are concerned regarding Meningitis symptoms. (All symptoms may not occur at the same time). Fever, possibly with hands and feet feeling cold. Neck extension with arching of the back. High pitched moaning cry or whimpering. Dislike of being handled and fretful. Refusing feeds or vomiting. Blank or staring expression. Child is difficult to wake, lethargic. Pale, blotchy complexion or rash which does not blanch when pressure applied. 24 hour Meningitis Trust support line 0845 753 8118.



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