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Practice Nursing Team

The members of our Practice Nursing Team are;

Karen Smith
Victoria Pearse

Our Practices Nurses are responsible for providing nursing care for all our patients attending the practice.
The nurses offer a wide range of appointments in sessions such as, Treatment Room Sessions, Pre-school Immunisations, Minor Illness Clinic, Family Planning Clinic, Diabetes and Coronary Heart Disease Clinics, Specialist Nursing Clinics. 


Specialist Nurse Practitioners in General Practice

Our Prescribing Nurse Practitioners are especially qualified to see, assess and treat patients in their own right. If necessary they refer patients to the GP for appropriate treatment. This enables many more patients to be dealt with by the GP and is an alternative way to see the GP if their appointments are full.


Treatment Room including Ear Care

Treatment Room appointments are available with our Registered General Nurses.
The following are examples of what is managed in the Treatment Room:
Travel Health, Dressings, Routine Immunisations, MOTs and Health Checks, Smear Tests, Blood Pressure checks, ECGs.

EAR CARE - If you feel your ear(s) need syringing, you will be required to book an appointment first for an assessment as this procedure is not always recommended. The GP or Nurse will then give you advice for further management or another appointment to complete the syringing.Please access­health/­earwax
for further information on this topic.


Health Checks

If you have not had a consultation within 3 years, you may book an appointment for check up. If you are over 75 years you can book a check up annually.


Adult Vaccination and Travel Immunization

We promote preventative medicine and encourage patients to have up to date immunity. Our practice nurses advise about travel and give appropriate vaccines, as advised by the Travax travel advice website or MASTA advice line, Tel: 09068 224100.

We recommend that adults should have booster vaccinations every 10 years. If you have never had a tetanus injection, it is important for you to have a course of three injections to provide immunity.

It is important that patients under 40 (or older, if travelling abroad) have polio immunization up to date. It is recommended that an oral booster dose be administered every five years.

Women thinking of pregnancy should check immunity to German measles (Rubella) before becoming pregnant. The result may indicate that a Rubella vaccination is advisable.

Vaccination is offered completely free to our patients in October every year. It is recommended for high risk patients, e.g., the elderly, heart or chest disease patients, asthmatics, immunosuppressed, diabetics or those who work in communal institutions or nursing homes.


Minor Illness Clinic

The Minor Illness Clinic is for patients aged 2 years and over. Our Minor Illness Specialist Nurse has extensive experience in assessing and treating minor illnesses. You do not always need to see a doctor. If the nurse considers you require a doctor's opinion you will be referred directly to your GP.

The following conditions are looked after by our Minor Illness Specialist Nurse
• Abdominal Pain
• Back Pain
• Bruised Ribs
• Burns
• Chest Infections
• Colds
• Constipation
• Diarrhoea
• Earache
• Eye Infection
• Eye Injuries
• Hayfever
• Headaches
• Head Injuries
• Insect Bites
• Rashes
• Sore Throat
• Urine Infections

For more information and self help management please use the following links:
NHS Choices - Live Well -­livewell/­Pages/­Livewellhub.aspx
NHS Direct -


Additional Clinics - (Ring to make an appointment)

As well as normal surgeries the following clinics are also available.

Dr Duggan has experience in treating infertility.

Asthma Clinic
These clinics are undertaken by the specialist nurses.

Diabetes Clinic
These clinics are undertaken by the specialist nurses.

Child Immunisation Clinic
These clinics are held on Wednesday from 2.00-3.00pm and are attended by paediatric nurse specialists and the vaccine nurse. The clinic provides an opportunity for:
New parents to ask questions in an informal atmosphere.

The vaccine programme to be administered.

Any other paediatric problems to be 'ironed out'.

New parents to meet other new parents.

Baby 6-Week checks and Post Natals
Appointments should be booked with the doctor allowing 20minutes each for mother and baby.

Minor Surgery & Cryotherapy
This can be booked following a consultation with the doctor.

Antenatal Clinic
These clinics are held on a Wednesday morning and afternoon and are attended by the midwife and doctor if required.

Well Person Clinic>
Coronary Risk clinics and Well Person clinics are undertaken by the specialist nurses. They also run clinics for family planning, menopausal and HRT problems.

Phlebotomy Clinic
For blood tests on a Tuesday or Friday please contact the surgery for an appointment. Tuesday 10:30 -12:00 Friday 11:15-12:45

Travel/Holiday Immunisations
These are undertaken by the nurse specialist or the practice nurse.


Family Planning and Sexual Health Services

Appointments for family planning and contraceptive services are available throughout the week with our specialist nurses. Please call to make an appointment.

For further information on contraception please visit­conditions/­Contraception

If you would like the insertion of an intrauterine device (coil) please call the surgery for advice.

We actively encourage under 25s to be screened for chlamydia. For further information please use the following link Chlamydia screening kits are available for all under 25s from reception or any clinician. Please ask for your screening test kit if you are under 25.  Alternatively you can obtain a testing kit from


Antenatal & Postnatal Care

We offer shared antenatal care with our local hospitals. Clinics are held every Wednesday by the Community Midwives.

The Lister Hospital offer a self referral for maternity book in. The following information has been taken from the East & North Herts Trust website

Finding out you are pregnant is an exciting but sometimes frightening experience. Our aim is to ensure that you make the right choices for yourself and we will provide guidance, support and advice along the way

I think I am pregnant - what should I do?

If your period is late and you suspect you may be pregnant then you can either buy a home pregnancy testing kit or make an appointment with your GP to provide a using sample of urine.

My test is positive - now what?

You need to set the wheels in motion to make an appointment with a midwife. The early bird service can be accessed from as early as five weeks pregnant. You can download a referral form to complete and return to us on

alternatively you can contact your GP surgery to tell them you are pregnant and arrange your first midwife appointment. You will be sent a letter offering you an appointment, a screening leaflet and a green pregnancy booklet for you to begin filling in within seven days of our receiving your completed referral form.

Your first appointment

Your first antenatal appointment will be at one of our three hospitals (Hertford County, Lister and QEII). This is a routine booking appointment where you will be seen by a midwife.

During your first appointment we will discuss screening blood tests as well as the routine booking blood tests available at our Trust with you. Information will be provided about how to book your first scan, this is usually between 11-13 weeks of pregnancy.

Your midwife will also discuss the options available to you for having your baby during your first appointment. Lower risk pregnancies will have regular antenatal care, which is provided by the community midwives based at GP surgeries and children's centres.

If you are allocated consultant care, usually for a higher risk pregnancy, this will be discussed with you at the booking appointment and you will be given regular appointments to see the consultant team of doctors and a midwife.

Your appointment will include:
- Observations, including your blood pressure, pulse and checking your urine
- Blood tests
- A scan being booked for you

What to bring with you

Please bring your green pregnancy booklet with you when you come in for an appointment, scan or to have your baby. You might want to bring a book or magazine to read in case you need to wait for results or to see a doctor.

However if you prefer to make an appointment with our GP's for referral to the Hospital please call the Surgery to do this. The GPs here at Manor House Surgery also review women during their pregnancy and postnatal examinations should be arranged with the doctor 6-8 weeks after delivery.


Test Results

If you have to have blood, urine x-ray or other investigations undertaken, it is the responsibility of the patient to contact the Practice to obtain the results. Blood and urine test results usually take 7 days, x ray results take 10 - 14 days. You may telephone the surgery for the test results, but please remember:- Results will only be given to the specific patient to whom they apply.

In the interests of confidentiality please be prepared to identify yourself. Please do not telephone for results of friend, spouse or relatives without prior arrangement, (written consent will be required). Checking results is time consuming and requests should be made between 11.00am and 3.00pm. You will need to know the specific test results that you require. Some tests take longer than others to process. If you have had several tests then the receptionist may not necessarily know whether all the results are back and may have to check with the doctor.

Receptionists do not have medical knowledge. They are instructed only to tell you whether the tests normal. If any test is abnormal or you require further interpretation then please refer to your doctor.



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